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Supporting the Anna Templeton Centre means you are supporting a host of extraordinary things:

  • Over 75 sessions of craft, art, and sewing classes for adults
  • Over 60 youth art, craft, and sewing programs and kids camps
  • Classes in a four story, fully accessible Heritage building
  • Purpose built studios 
  • Expert class instructors who are successful professionals in creative fields
  • An ever-evolving set of class offerings that changes to include what our students want, while still providing the essentials in craft and art training
Your support means we can continue to provide quality programs at affordable rates. Thank you so much.


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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Anna Templeton Centre.

Every year, the Anna Templeton Centre hosts over 75 sessions of craft and art classes for adults, and upwards of 60 craft, art and sewing youth programs and kids camps. We are delighted to host the weekly meetings of the Women's Institute - Templeton Branch, and the monthly Comic Jam - a free event for all cartooning and comic enthusiasts. We are passionately dedicated to the advancement of craft and art training in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador, and enthusiastic supporters of our craft and art community.

The Anna Templeton Centre is a not-for-profit registered charity. Your donations enable us to continue providing craft and art training at affordable rates. We really appreciate it, and so do our participants. Thank you.

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