Craftspeople and artists are known for our resourcefulness, and it comes in handy not just in our studios, but especially out in the world making things happen. Fairs and markets, exhibitions and publications, fundraisers and events – none of these things could come about without the support and dedication of entire communities.

Social media gives us instant access to and plenty of reminders for upcoming events and programs. Here we would like to provide a list of amazing partners in our community to direct our friends and participants to, in hopes that these resources enable us all to learn and create to the fullest. We invite our friends in the craft, art and design community to send us information about yourself and your programs to post here on our Community page. Bridges LogoArtBridges is a Canada-wide hub for community-engaged arts. It informs people about and connects them with community-engaged arts initiatives. Artbridges aims to improve access to arts and art-making for Canadians—focusing on under-resourced and under-served communities. ArtBridges/ToileDesArts is a project of Tides Canada Initiatives.
The Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador is a member-based organization that works to maximize the artistic and economic potential of the craft community of the province.Craft Council logoFormed in 1972 as the Newfoundland & Labrador Craft Development Association, the Craft Council still, and always, takes its role as a development association as the crucial focus of its operations. The Council supports and promotes a high standard of excellence in craft production and service to members and the general public. Programs and services are varied, and include work in the area of marketing, exhibition, product development, training and communications.Located in the Devon House, at 59 Duckworth Street, the Craft Council building includes a shop, gallery, and the Clay Studio, a community clay working space that provides tools and materials for a reasonable fee as well as weekly kiln firings.
Eastern Edge Artist Run CentreEastern Edge, created in 1984, was the first artist run centre for visual arts in Newfoundland Labrador. We remain committed to exhibiting contemporary Canadian and international art, as well as encouraging dedicated, rigorous activity locally. In providing an alternative venue where artists have greater control over how their work is represented, Eastern Edge facilitates critical dialogue concerning issues in contemporary art and society, actively encouraging artists whose work speaks to feminist, queer, multicultural, and other socially and politically diverse perspectives. Eastern Edge is a supportive space to develop skills, share information and resources, fostering community and a meaningful context for artistic activity.
Community-LivingPlanetLogoLiving Planet Studio specializes in the production of silkscreening t-shirts and other casual apparel. It is located on 20 Barnes Road in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. We print local artist’s designs onto t-shirts and also custom printed t-shirts works for groups, events and functions. Our Retail location is inside the beautiful Johnny Ruth & Living Planet, Located on 181 Water Street.
As our old website says: “We’re into cool t-shirts here but we don’t want to poison ourselves making them”. We believe in producing our t-shirts with the greenest of products and processes possible. Our use of soy-based cleaners, our responsible use and reuse of supplies and also interest in organic and all-natural materials make us the most eco-friendly printshop in town.
 Quidi Vidi Village Plantation: The Craft IncubatorQVVP-steflauraatwork The Plantation serves as a craft enterprise incubator for emerging artists wishing to pursue careers as professional craftspeople in Newfoundland and Labrador. Ideally situated in the fishing outport of Quidi Vidi Village within the city limits of St. John’s, the Plantation will also function as a destination for those wishing to explore a unique corner of one of the oldest cities in North America. Visitors to the Plantation are welcome to watch, interact with, and support our craftspeople as they produce unique handmade items in a wide variety of mediums.
Shane Kelley PhotographyShaneKelly-photog-communityShane Kelly has been working as a freelance editorial, commercial, fine art and music photographer in St John’s, NL, Canada for 21 years. He has exhibited locally, nationally, been awarded 8 NL Arts & Letters Awards in the Senior Photography / Visual Arts division and produced over 25 album covers for NL musicians.Shane continues to photograph musicians on a regular basis and create interesting documentary images. His work covers all aspects of photography and he is available for editorial assignments, commissioned portraiture, documentary style wedding coverage and commercial work. He has been teaching photography courses in St. John’s, Newfoundland for the past eight years.
Community-StMichaelsPrintshopSt. Michael’s Printshop is an artist-run print studio which provides professional fine art printmaking facilities for established and emerging artists. A lure for printmakers who crave a space in which to create art surrounded by the extraordinary natural landscape of the North Atlantic, the Printshop also attracts visuals artists who wish to explore printmaking as a new medium for the first time through workshops with local and visiting printmakers.




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