Explore Drawing & Painting Camp

Date: July 17 – 21
Mornings, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Age: 13 – 17 years
Instructor: Stephanie Stoker

This camp will help you learn a variety of important art-making techniques! Explore mediums like watercolour, acrylic paint, pencils, charcoal, collage, and more! Activities such as perspective drawing, self-portraiture, still life, and contour drawing will help participants develop drawing and painting skills that they will put to work by creating unique pieces of artwork throughout the week. 

Both group and individual instruction will encourage students at their level of experience. New and returning campers welcome!

(Fee includes HST and supplies)


Old Price: $100.00

Price: $90.00

You save: $10.00

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Once Upon a Time: Art based on stories (Ages 6 – 8)

Once Upon a Time: Art based on stories

Date: July 17 – 21
Time: Mornings, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages: 6 – 8
Instructor: Catherine Wright

In this camp, kids will use a variety of media to respond to and create stories with artist, performer and story-teller Catherine Wright. Based on tales and fables, this camp includes mask and puppet making, silk painting, book-making, prints, drawing, and sculpture. With a focus on fun narratives and funky characters, kids will learn skills in image making, drawing, painting, and bookmaking while engaging with fun and exciting stories. 

*Because of the activities undertaken in this camp it is particularly important to abide by the age guidelines. Thank you!

Please Note:  This camp is full but we do keep a waiting list.  Let us know if you would like to enroll your child in this camp and we’ll contact you if a space becomes available.  Call us at 739-7623 or email <>

Old Price: $100.00

Price: $90.00

You save: $10.00


Oil Painting (Spring)

Date: April 27 – June 15
Time: 8 Thursdays, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Instructor: Greg Bennett

In this class with artist/instructor Greg Bennett you’ll learn the basics of oil painting, a medium renowned for the richness of its’ colours and its’ versatility of applications. Instruction will cover how to get started and safely work with oil paints, how to mix the paint, brush care, application methods, and colour theory.  Students will work from photos and still life to complete their own  oil paintings.

Please note, this class is limited to only 10 participants to ensure that everyone has as much individual time with the instructor as needed.

Fee: $190 (includes HST, supplies extra)

Supply list: Oil Painting – Intro, supplies list

Price: $190.00

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It Begins With Drawing (Spring)

Date: new dates! May 3 – June 21
Time: 8 Wednesdays, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Instructor: April White

Drawing is the foundation of visual arts and this introductory class will teach you the basics.  This class is perfect for those with a general love and interest in sketching or drawing, those who wish to improve their technical skills, or those who just want to give it a try.  Class instruction will focus on experimentation with different drawing materials and mediums, including pencil, graphite, charcoal, and India ink. Technical exercises such as gesture, still life, portraiture, form and shading exercises, and contour drawing will create a great base for progression into more advanced and refined techniques. No experience necessary.

Fee: $195 (includes HST, supplies extra)

Supply list: IntroDrawing-SupplyList-2017

Price: $195.00

Introduction to Watercolours (Spring)

Date: May 3 – June 7
Time: 6 Wednesdays, 1:30 – 4:00 pm
Instructor: April White

Watercolours are a medium with potential for both gentleness and vibrancy and so have a great expressive capacity for any artist, but like anything they take practice to master. Working from still life and selected images, this class will teach you how to prepare your paper, plan your image, and apply the paint to achieve a variety of palettes, tonal values, and textures. Whether you are interested in figurative, abstract, landscape, or more contemporary designs, this class will provide a great technical foundation for you to progress with this medium. Leave with a small series of paintings that will make great references as you move forward. A great class to take with a friend!

Fee: $186 (includes HST, supplies extra)

(Supply list soon to be announced)

Price: $186.00

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Introduction to Acrylics (Spring)

Dates: new class added! April 11 – May 9
Time: 5 Tuesdays, 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Instructor: Gerald Vaandering

An excellent opportunity to learn the skills of acrylic painting. It is truly incredible what can be accomplished with this medium – from thick impasto to spectacularly complex layers…but you must begin somewhere! In this introductory class, you will learn the basics of paint application and colour theory as you work from images and still life to create a small series of paintings. You’ll get the basics of perspective, proportion, and development of form. Expert painter and accomplished art educator Gerald Vaandering brings expertise from his practice to guide you through the foundations and into more complicated work. No experience necessary.  A great class to take with a friend!

$168 (includes HST, supplies extra)

Supply list: Art Supplies for the Intro to Acrylics class

Price: $168.00

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Drawing Landscapes

Date: June 3 – 24
Times: 4 Saturdays, 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Instructor: Wallace Ryan

Take your creative vibes outside! Get outdoors and soak up the oncoming summer while drawing some of the many beautiful natural features of our city. Some classes will meet at Anna Templeton Centre and arrange out from there, and others will have you meeting in a variety of areas around town, including Signal Hill, the battery, and Bannerman Park. Indoor venues for rainy days include the spectacular views from the Craft Council Gallery and The Rooms. Bring your favourite pencils, add colour with conte and pastels, and learn from masterful drawer Wallace Ryan how to capture the light, colour, and texture of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Fee: $128 (includes HST, supplies extra)

Price: $128.00

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Introduction to Art History Part II: Rococo to Contemporary

Date: dates TBA
Time: 8 weeks, 6:30 – 9:00 pm
Instructor: Victoria Scott, PhD

Introduction to Art History is designed to familiarize students with important works of art and architecture in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas from fourteenth-century up until yesterday. Throughout the course we will connect works of art to significant social, political, and intellectual developments, but the materiality of the artwork – the building, fresco, painting, sculpture photograph, performance, video or installation under discussion – will always be our central focus.

These courses do not have to be taken in consecutive order! The information taught in each course is independent of the other.

FALL 2016 – Part I of this course took us from the Renaissance to the Baroque period (from the fifteenth up to the beginning of the eighteenth century), underscoring the importance of debate and dialogue between Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The instructor encouraged you to think, not just about how the artworks were made, but also why they were made.

WINTER 2017 – Part II will begin with Rococo and advance right though to contemporary art today. Focusing on art and architecture from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century, students will come away with a broad overview of the major artists, themes, and movements. At the end of Part I and II, students will be familiar with over 250 of the world’s masterpieces.

Fee: $188 (includes HST)

Interested in this class? Let us know by calling 739-7623 or e-mailing

Price: $188.00

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